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Jewellery Valuations and Insurance Claims

No body wants to be in a situation where their precious jewellery has been stolen or lost. If in the event this happens, you need to make sure you are fully prepared for getting jewellery valuation to process those insurance claims.


Here are some helpful tips to do before an unfortunate situation happens:
* Always take clear photos of any jewellery you own.
* Take photos of any jewellery purchase receipts.
* Be sure to upload these photos to a cloud based system to ensure they are saved somewhere safe.
* Having these photos confirms your proof of ownership.
* With these clear photos, Ferros Jewellers can easily provide you with the necessary valuations of your precious jewellery.

Why does silver jewellery turn black. Tips to prevent silver jewellery turning black.

Why Does My Silver Jewellery Turn Black?

There are many things that can turn silver jewellery black.

Here are a few helpful tips why this can happen:
* Hand creams and some perfumes, these can react with silver.
*Acidic skin - sometimes people who seem to have a high meat diet, can make your skin acidic which often can turn silver black.
* Working in an atmosphere which has more sulphur in it (general pollution in the atmosphere).


* A tight fitting ring can make the finger under the ring surface sweat a bit - this can happen especially with wide band rings in warm weather. (NB if your ring is tight fitting, its best to get it resized slightly - also noting that if your fingers are prone to swelling, the ring may get stuck, which can be a problem for blood circulation.)
* It may have been polished beforehand and still have some residue of the polishing agent on the item.

Black marks can be removed quite easily.

If your silver jewellery is already turned black, try out these tips:
* Try a silver cloth first although this is more for light tarnish and dirt. Otherwise try a jewellery cleaner.
* If the above doesn't help, then the item can be rhodium plated which gives the metal a shiny silver finish. Rhodium plating is quite common (most white gold is rhodium plated and sometimes silver items). and will form a barrier between the skin and the silver. This will have to be done at least once every 1 to 2 years depending on how often the item is worn.

If need help with cleaning your silver jewellery, give us a call or drop off your silver items with us and we'll restore your silver jewellery to it's former beauty and shine.

Why does silver jewellery turn black. Tips to prevent silver jewellery turning black.

Preventing Silver Jewellery Turning Black

In the above tips, we've established why silver jewellery turns black and what you can do if it is already turned black.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to try prevent this from happening:
* When jewellery is not worn, keep it in a box with a piece of aluminium foil as this will react instead of the silver jewellery.
* Never leave silver jewellery in a box containing copper coins - the silver turns a horrible colour and is a nightmare to clean.
* Do not wear silver jewellery in a swimming pool - the chlorine will react with the silver and it may eventually need a professional polishing. If you do forget, as soon as possible, make sure you thoroughly wash your jewellery in lots of warm soapy water and rinse it well in clean water. 

In the above tips, we've established why silver jewellery Always make sure that the jewellery is dried using a soft cloth, otherwise you can get watermarks on its surface.
If you silver jewellery hasn't got any set stones then you don't have to take it off when having a shower or bath - just make sure it is rinsed and dried thoroughly.

earring caught on face mask.jpg

Earrings and your Face Mask

Unfortunately due to the Covid-19 we all need to be wearing our face masks and since then, we have seen an increasing number of our clients who have accidentally lost their earrings or butterfly clasps when removing their masks.

Here are a few helpful tips on how to try prevent this from happening:
* Wear a face mask that goes around your head and not your ears.
* Find a face mask that does not excessively pull around your ear lobes.
* Make sure your earrings are properly secured before putting on and taking off your face mask.

We understand there is sometimes no getting around the above, so be sure to:
* Have your jewellery valuated and insured.
* Visit our shop and buy some earring butterfly spares.

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