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Engagement Rings

Our Product Range

Ferros Jewellers | Ladies Rings

Ladies Rings

* Engagement Rings
* Wedding Rings
* Tanzanite Rings
* Silver Rings
* Precious Stone Rings
* Dress Rings

Ferros Jewellers | Mens Rings

Mens Rings

* Wedding Rings
* Patterned Rings
* Two toned Rings
* Signet Rings
* Silver Rings

Ferros Jewellers | Earrings


Diamond Earrings
* Tanzanite Earrings
Precious Stone Earrings
Gold Earrings
Silver Earrings

Ferros Jewellers | Pendants | Ruby | Sapphire | Emerald


* Diamond Pendants
Tanzanite Pendants
Gold Pendants
Precious Stone Pendants
Silver Pendants

Ferros Jewellers | Bangles and Bracelets

Bracelets and Bangles

* Diamond Bracelets
* Gold Bracelets & Bangles
* Silver Bracelets & Bangles
Precious Stone Bracelets
* Nomination Bracelets

Ferros Jewellers | Necklaces and Chains


Diamond Necklaces
Tanzanite Necklaces
Precious Stone Necklaces
Gold Necklaces
Silver Necklaces

Ferros Jewellers | Ladies Watches | Hallmark | Lanco | Q&Q | Tomato

Ladies Watches

* Hallmark
* Lanco
* Q&Q
* Tomato
* and more

Ferros Jewellers | Mens Watches | Hallmark | Lanco | Q&Q | Tomato

Mens Watches

* Hallmark

* Lanco

* Q&Q

* Tomato

* and more

Ferros Jewellers | Port Elizabeth | Jewellery Manufacturing | Jewellery Design | Custom made Jewellery

Something Different?

We specialise in designing and manufacturing custom made jewellery.

Let us help you design and create your special piece of jewellery and allowing you to get the most for your budget.

Jewellery Valuations

Ferros Jewellers | Jewellery Valuation | Jewellery Insurance Claims

Has your Jewellery been adequately insured?


Jewellery can get lost, damaged or stolen. In cases such as these, you will possibly need to claim from your insurance for your loss.


In order to make sure that your Jewellery is properly covered by your insurance, have it valued regularly and notify your insurer of the values.


With a qualified goldsmith and diamond grader, we can do all your valuations and help ensure that you will be covered when you need it.

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